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Screening... It Protects us all

If this is your first time hearing about this then perhaps it's your first time looking for some companionship, so let me be the one to help guide you.


We all want and need to feel safe in the world and when it comes to adult interactions perhaps it is even more important.  


Why do you need to be screened?  So we can both have a safe and enjoyable encounter would be the simple answer.  Screening helps protect us both, it helps put my mind at ease and that allows me to focus all my attention on putting you in the most comfortable place you can imagine. 


Below you will see my screening requirements, this helps me vet you for our first encounter and takes a little more time initially but once we get to know each other this formality can be set aside for future bookings.  Simply put... if you don't want to be screened then I will not feel safe.  There will be no going around this process so don't bother attempting to "convince me" you are a great person and I can just trust you.


Please be aware phone number cannot be a web/google number, and has to be searchable, and email 



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